Designed for the mechanical management of the soil

Giuseppe Sacchetto is the official retail of Battistotti for Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta, for over half a century it has been manufacturing machineries which combine technology and materials to create ever more advanced machines.

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Battistotti – Machineries for the under-row of Vineyards, Hazel Groves, Orchards

Practical and versatile

These are practical, essential machineries, adaptable to any mechanical or tracked tractor that does not require particular power from the engine and fully complies with safety regulations.

Efficiency and respect
of the crops

Battistotti machineries are the ideal solution for mowing and cleaning the grass in the under-row of vineyards, hazel groves and orchards without damaging the plants. It adopts a stop and start method that stops the device near young vine shoots or replanting and an automatic cutting height and inclination adjustment system.

Suitable in any soil conditions.
The best choice in sustainable agriculture

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