Soil management along the row (Under-row)

It is the space of the soil along the row of plants of tree crops such as vineyards, hazel groves and orchards.

Agricultural machineries for mechanical mowing of the under-row

Mechanical mowing
in the

The mechanical processing in this case, unlike that of the inter-row, is more complex; this occurs above all in the vineyard which due to the conformation of the vine itself and the presence of obstacles, the possibility of damaging the plants is higher.
The primary objective of agricultural machinery must therefore be to safeguard the integrity of the crop.


Specific processing

The best management of the under-row is that which provides for low-shearing grassing in order not to interfere with the plants which limits soil compaction and erosion.

It is a valid alternative to chemical weeding; this is a faster and cheaper management method but it is harmful for the soil and the plant, in fact its prolonged use over the years risks both selecting resistant weeds and soil impoverishment.

Grass mowing, which is done from April to June and it is done with specific machineries that allows soil management with operations such as topping up and removing clods.

Benefits and advantages

The mechanical mowing allows the functional grass surface for the well-being of the plant itself and of the biology of the soil.
It is also a sustainable solution from an ecological point of view both for the protection of nature and for man.

Customized under-row management
in specific crops

The management and care of the under-row, which maintain the grass surface, is particularly indicated for crops such as vineyards, hazel groves, orchards and chestnuts; these tree crops, in fact, find great benefits in terms of quality and health of plants and soils.

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Ecological and sustainable processing
A valid alternative to chemical weeding