Inter-row soil management

It is the space of land between two rows of trees,
particularly present in tree crops such as vineyards, hazel groves and orchards

Grassing – Management of the organic soil

The processing of the inter-row

The function of lawnmowers is that of soil management and its herbaceous coverage; in the inter-row there are no mechanical problems, but special attention is required from the agronomic point of view.
The specific processes are the mowing of natural grass, spontaneous or sown, the management of the ground with barefoot, the rearrangement of clods and the carving.

Controlled intervention

The processes must be reduced to the minimum necessary and they must aim exclusively at reducing compaction without compromising the herbaceous coverage.
The cutting of the grass must be conducted in respect of the plants without being too low and such as to compromise their survival.

Benefits and advantages

It reduces the erosion; it guarantees the transitability; it limits compaction and increases the occupied area.

Customized inter-row management
in specific crops


The management and care of the inter-row, which maintain the grass surface, is particularly indicated for crops such as vineyards, hazel groves, orchards and chestnuts; these tree crops, in fact, find great benefits in terms of quality and health of plants and soils.

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